Kelseyville Chiefs Youth Football League


As we all navigate through these unprecedented times due to the effect of the coronavirus
(COVID-19) pandemic, we want to share an update from the Kelseyville Chiefs Youth Football
League. Children across our counties have to face a fall without touchdowns and cheers as
leagues are being affected due to the quick-spreading coronavirus. The Mendo-Lake Empire
Junior Football League (MLEJFL) cancelled its spring season June 30, 2020 which left a lot of
young athletes, cheerleaders and families disappointed.
KYFL Board is reaching out to the community asking for help. As last season came to an end,
our Board began the task of going through all the equipment, increasing revenue to become
sustainable and trying to regain the trust of the community. We had a profitable end to the
season, and were looking forward to the 2020 season to put the league back on track.
During review of the football equipment we discovered 43 helmets had to be thrown away, 22
were adult sizes, leaving us with only 42 safe helmets left. With this shocking news, we were
faced with the need to purchase new helmets for 2020 season. The funds were very limited, and
we were able to purchase 20 new helmets with a large deposit and contract to pay the remaining
balance of $5, 800 during our 2020 season. As we had no new source of revenue for time being
and were confident it was going to be a successful season. In addition to the helmets 83 shoulder
pads were sent out for sanitation and safety checked. COVID Shelter In Place occurred before
the company had a chance to go through our pads and respond to us what needed replacing and
what could be used again. Once we receive a response we will have that balance tacked on as
“We’re holding out hope (that we’ll have football soon), The kids are really sad about it. One of
the first things out of their mouths are, ‘I’m bored, I want to play again, I want to see my friends
again.’ A lot of kids use this as an outlet and love to be involved with sports. Not having football
dampens their spirit a little bit, but we want to let them know to keep praying and keep their
hopes up because it will be back.”
This is where we need your support, We are looking for local donors, such as yourself, to help
our league and future players purchase the safety equipment required to open a new season.
Without community donations COVID won't be the only thing preventing us from playing. All
donations are greatly appreciated to get our league back on track. Our plans are safety first, we
intend to pay the remaining balance on the new helmets, then next season we will be taking care
of pads. As current champions, along with safety, we want our players to look as good as they
If you have any questions, or are able to help in any way please contact President Molly Keithly at
We look forward to hearing from you soon!



Board meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 5:30 pm  

(Board meeting will resume when allowed)



The KYFL Chiefs is a 501 (c) nonprofit organization that relies on donations from members, businesses, and community.  Please see under Forms the donation information.